Barrel Aged Citrus Infused Hot Sauce | Smokin Grill


by BBQthingz
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OUR HOT SAUCE: This Hot Sauce was inspired by the fresh citrus & oranges of Redlands, CA and will leave your mouth speechless! It is bursting with fresh citrus flavor with chunks of fresh pineapples, limes and fresh squeezed orange juice from local oranges! This explosive hot sauce is packed with the hottest habanero peppers and aged in "citrus soaked oak barrels" for 2-3 days! Our new Citrus Infused Hot Sauce will leave you and for guests reaching for more!

*Not Kosher Certified, Please see our Kosher Certified Products Here: Click


OUR STORY: Smokin' Grill® small-batch artisan sauces & rubs by BBQThingz® was inspired by the founders zest for outdoor grilling and their desire to connect award winning sauces, seasoning and rubs with grilling and barbecue enthusiasts!

Smokin' Grill® is a Savory line of Small Batch Artisan Sauces & Rubs sold exclusively at & BBQthingz® sister company,! Smokin' Grill was created by the founders of BBQThingz®

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