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Mixed Multi Colored Tinker Dust® Box by the Case

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Now you can buy a "mixed box" of Tinker Dust® edible glitter colors wholesale by the case! The wholesale price for this mixed box of edible glitter colors is only offered by the case. This mixed case comes with every Tinker Dust color offered and there is a total quantity 96 units/ per box (ie, 96 x 5g jars).

** No color changes or quantity configuration changes are allowed
** Mixed colored cases only are available in the 5g Jar size (96 units/ case)

 Here is the breakdown of edible glitter colors that come in one mixed case;

  1. 4x Bright Gold
  2. 4x Rose Gold
  3. 4x White Pearl
  4. 4x Silver
  5. 4x Royal Gold
  6. 4x Deep Purple
  7. 2x Teal
  8. 2x Deep Blue
  9. 2x Pink Rose
  10. 2x Deep Pink
  11. 2x Neon Pink
  12. 2x Soft Rose Gold
  13. 2x Black
  14. 2x Turquoise
  15. 2x Neon Blue
  16. 2x Lilac Purple
  17. 2x Classic Green
  18. 2x Soft Blue
  19. 2x Silver Sage
  20. 2x Pumpkin Orange
  21. 2x Soft Purple
  22. 2x Neon Green
  23. 2x Navy Blue
  24. 2x Leaf Green
  25. 2x Ivory
  26. 2x Emerald Green
  27. 2x Creamsicle Orange
  28. 2x Burgundy
  29. 2x Gold
  30. 2x Classic Red
  31. 2x Soft Pink
  32. 2x Soft Olive Green
  33. 2x Soft Green
  34. 2x Neon Yellow
  35. 2x Neon Orange
  36. 2x Cranberry
  37. 2x Sunflower Yellow
  38. 2x Pollipop Purple
  39. 2x Olive Green
  40. 2x Christmas Red
  41. 2x Christmas Green
  42. 2x Champagne Gold 

Tinker Dust® - Are a very potent, shiny, glitter-dust used for cake & cookie decorating, confectionery crafts & baking! We use only FDA approved ingredients so these dusts are 100% consumable. These shiny sparkle dusts are very similar to the Dazzler Dusts®, but with a slightly silkier texture & use only edible food grade and food safe ingredients!

Kosher Certified | Halal Certified | Tinker Dust | Bakell.com

Tinker Dust® FAQ & Info

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