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Would you like to sample our award winning seasoning rubs? This sampler comes with tasting dash of both our Salt-Smoked & Garlic Pepper Seasoning Dry Rubs mailed right to you door! ***ONE PER CUSTOMER!

*Not Kosher Certified, Please see our Kosher Certified Products Here: Click

Salt Smoked Seasoning Dry Rub
Our artisan Barrel Aged, Salt-Smoked Dry Rub is a perfectly blended award-winning dry rub seasoning that creates the most wonderful & tasty flavor on any meat, fish or veggie! After blending our various house-made spices, we age this dry rub seasoning in a smoked oak barrel to give this seasoning the perfect touch of smoke flavor! This seasoning is the perfect blend of sugar, spice and smoke!

Garlic-Pepper Seasoning Dry Rub
Our artisan Garlic-Pepper Dry Rub Seasoning is a balanced, slightly kicked up salt, pepper and spice blend that can top any meat or veggie on the grill. After mixing our various house-made spices to create this blend, we age this dry rub seasoning in a garlic & pepper soaked oak barrel to give this seasoning an amazing garlicy-pepper flavor! This award-winning rub has become one of the most popular seasonings among BBQ grilling enthusiasts!

OUR STORY: Smokin' Grill® small-batch artisan sauces & rubs by BBQThingz® was inspired by the founders zest for outdoor grilling and their desire to connect award winning sauces, seasoning and rubs with grilling and barbecue enthusiasts!

Smokin' Grill® is a Savory line of Small Batch Artisan Sauces & Rubs sold exclusively at & BBQthingz® sister company,! Smokin' Grill was created by the founders of BBQThingz®


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